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Killers in Paradise

Smithsonian Magazine

June 2005

The Living Room,

with Dr Chris Brown!!!

Network Ten

27 April 2018

Armed and dangerous 

New Scientist

(cover story)

8 November 2003

Jellyfish swarms a visible indicator

   The Science Show on ABC ~ 27 February 2016

The rise of slime

   The Science Show on ABC ~ 27 July 2013

Ground control to Major Blob

Quirks & Quarks on CBC ~ 8 June 2013 ~

The Irukandji

60 Minutes Australia

August 2004 & May 2022

Rhapsody in Jellyfish

Sydney Opera House

The Science Show

ABC Radio National

Some fun things I've done in the media...

Scientific American

   Jellyfish Savant 

~ 25 Feb 2014 ~

I love the process of translating complex scientific topics into plain English, in a way that gives mixed audiences an opportunity to walk away going, "Wow, I didn't know that!". 

My 'Dither Speech' about My Little Dolphin

   with Robyn Williams, The Science Show on ABC ~ 5 June 2021

First Dog On The Moon cartoon

Featured 14 March 2022: "Jellyfish have a proud history of ruining nuclear power plants all over the world"

What can I say, best honour ever. Ever! 

From Bazinga to Shiraz

   with Richard Fidler on Conversations, ABC Radio National

You Can't Ask That

   Autism episode, 6 May 2020, ABC TV

The Drum


15 Oct 2020 ~ Autism

8 Dec 2020 ~ Science

10 Feb 2021 ~ Science

22 June 2021 ~ Salmon

~ 21 April 2022 ~ Autism

~ 12 July 2022 ~ Science

TEDx Melbourne

Jellyfish: In dangerous bloom, December 2013

TEDx Dublin

Perilous bloom -- rise of the jellyfish

September 2014

Harvard Explores the Trouble with Jellyfish

Art-Science Exhibition at Le Laboratoire, Cambridge, Massachussetts, September 2015 to January 2016

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