Donate to My Campaign

Initially it was my hope to run a zero cost campaign. But this has proven impossible. I am trying to keep costs as low as possible but the reality is that there are costs associated with getting traction for mental health, disabilities, and housing insecurity. 
As you may know, I am currently on Centrelink. Yes, I am on Centrelink and I am running for Parliament! Like so many others, I am struggling to make ends meet and concerned about the future. I am the least political person you could ever hope to meet, and maybe that's just what Tasmania needs!
I am grateful for any amount you would like to donate to my campaign. If you aren't sure how you can help, below are some of the items I need...  
Candidate nomination fee - one-off payment      $400.00 
Printing of flyers (500 col.) - letterboxing              $345.00  
Business cards (500) - need ca. 2000                    $138.00
Pop-up banners  - need one or two                      $79 to $325
Wine, cheese, fruit for team meetings - need 6   $60
Tank of petrol (meetings!) - estimate need 4        $45.00
Campaign Tshirts (each) - would like to get 10     $40.00
General printing (dribs and drabs)                        $30
Coffee -- seriously could not have enough!          $4.50
Parking - range per hour to per day                      $2 to $22

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