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  • Welcome to my new website!

    I've decided to re-do my website to coincide with the launch of latest book, Jellyfish: A Natural History  (University of Chicago Press and Ivy Press). This is kind of my equivalent of a new dress for an important occasion!  When I was a young girl, the only way my family could get me to wear a dress was a to take me out for a lobster dinner. This is cheaper, and -- honestly! -- although I still like lobster, this is more satisfying giving my creative side a chance to stretch its legs.

    Jellyfish is a coffee table book with 200 gorgeous color photographs, as well as a lively and informative look at the biology and ecology of these splendid creatures. I'm incredibly proud of this book -- Ivy Press in the UK did a magnificant job of designing and producing it, and I feel almost speechlessly humbled to be associated with something so beautiful. On a more personal note, it was an opportunity to finally bring together all the stories and oddments that have fascinated me over the last 25 years. Every spread contains a species or phenomenon that still excites me and fills me with wonder. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! Any guesses which one is my favorite?

    My first book, Stung! On Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean (University of Chicago Press, 2013), is still doing well, having held at Number 1 on Amazon Marine Biology and Ecology books for four months, and been featured on the cover of the New York Review of Books in a fantastic review by Tim Flannery. Currently I am working on finalising the sequel to Stung! -- more on that to come!

    I'm still working the bugs out of this web design thing, so please bear with me (and maybe let me know about bugs!).

    Thanks for dropping by!

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